Strandtown Primary After School Kayaking 2022/23 P5

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Strandtown Primary School after school kayak club
This session is for Strandtown Primary School only. This is organised for pupils at the school but is run by Belfast Kayak Academy, not by the School.

On completion of these sessions, pupils will be invited to join the club and attend our weekly club training sessions and potentially represent Ulster at National and International competitions.

The students will be collected from school in our minibus and brought to the swimming pool. The Minibus will stop as close to the front door as possible. Pupils are to go straight to the bus at 2:45pm( P4 and P5) 2:55(P6 and P7).

Pupils are to be collected at 5pm from the pool. For more information on location please contact


P4= MONDAY, 2:45 pm pick up from school.

P5=TUESDAY, 2:45pm pick up from school.

P6=WEDNESDAY, 2:55pm pick up from school.

P7=THURSDAY, 2:55pm pick up from school.

5pm collection from Swimming Pool

Period: September to December

Activities included

(based on the skill level of the group):

Canoe Polo
Water games


Wear anything you are happy to get wet. The swimming pool is heated to 18 degrees. You may wear a wet suit but it is not necessary. Waterproof rubber shoes would be ideal. Not trainers please as they are uncomfortable in the polo boats.