Not the Irish Open

In place of the cancelled Irish Open, Belfast Kayak Academy will be hosting a 1-day Canoe Polo competition - "Not the Irish Open" at Knockbracken Reservoir in Belfast.

Divisions and Teams

We have 2 divisions - Div 1/2 and Div 3.  We have 12 teams as follows:

Div 1/2 Group A
Not WWKC 1
Ulster U18

Div 1/2 Group B
Ulster Div 1
WWKC Banshees

Div 3 Group A
Ulster U15 A
Laser Sharks

Div 3 Group B
Ulster U15 B
The PoPo

Competition Format

The format of the competition is:

  • Each Division is split into 2 groups - A&B
  • Each group plays a league comprising 3 matches - each team plays twice
  • The winner of each group qualifies for the semi finals
  • The second and third placed teams play a quarter final match, to qualify for the semis.
  • The losers of the quarter finals play for 5/6 place
  • The losers of the semi finals play for 3/4 place
  • The winners of the semi finals play for 1/2 place



Standard ICF rules will apply.

Timetable / Schedule / Scoring

This can be found at: